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Bryte Studio needed a mobile development team to solve its client’s daily 32% app crash rate and the related loss of users. Two existing music distribution and player apps on two different platforms needed experienced mobile software engineers to assess and repair the software architecture and reduce the crash percentages as quickly as possible.

Over the next 60 days, MobileSandbox moved the Android app from 68% crash free to more than 98% crash free, and the iOS app from 76% crash free to more than 98% crash free.

Based on this success, and on MobileSandbox’s recommendation to upgrade to the latest technology, Bryte Studio secured a large contract from the client to rework all systems related to the mobile apps. This involved web services, web front end, backend database, e-commerce, and mobile testing, as well as program management using Atlassian tools and a complete redesign of UI/UX for both iOS and Android apps.

During the next 3 to 4 months, using Agile sprint processes, the MobileSandbox team developed the required iOS and Android apps from scratch, while Bryte Studio redesigned the web services and database technology.

Both the Android apps and the iOS apps received test-hardened login/logout, staging and data load architecture, advanced persistence, music content management, new custom user interfaces, and a very advanced custom-C embedded music player. MobileSandbox engineered all systems with the latest technology and created a new user experience. The apps tested as very stable and virtually crash free.

By the third month, we were aligned with the project’s specifications on both Android and iOS, and the validation and verification matrix was telling us that success was just around the corner.

MobileSandbox pulled together all the necessary personnel to build highly functional, technologically sound iOS and Android apps for Bryte Studio and its client, and Bryte Studio kept its (very satisfied) client.