First Responder GIS App

SmallMelo GIS contacted MobileSandbox after a project meeting with a client. The client needed to move toward distributing mobile apps and was looking to SmallMelo to provide delivery of an iOS app for the government app store. The completion dates were 8 to 10 weeks out, and the high skill level needed for the app put the project at risk of missed deadlines.

SmallMelo contacted MobileSandbox to bring senior-level, experienced software technology, technical guidance, the latest architecture (using the Swift programming language), and refactorable iOS modules to the client’s product.

After 8 to 9 weeks of development and one review session with the government app store, the app was accepted for distribution and now provides a very advanced, unique geo iOS experience for first responders.

SmallMelo satisfied its client, met deadlines, and most importantly, deployed an almost crash-free iOS app with some very unique geographic information system (GIS) features embedded in the app’s architecture.

There are plans to take the app commercial, and MobileSandbox’s architecture will allow an easy transition to commercial app stores.

Look for Verde on the Apple App Store in the future.