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Back in 2012, a new client — a startup company based in Florida — contacted us about building a mobile password manager. After all, there were around 2 billion digital accounts worldwide, and all of those accounts required a user name and password. In early 2013, MobileSandbox was contracted to design, develop, and deploy PasswordCaptain, an iOS password manager.

The app we deployed in May 2013 was built before the storyboard era and under the iOS 5 software development kit. We designed an encrypted SQLite database, a utility user interface, and an onboarding and passcode management software solution. Users could save, edit, and manage personal password data under AES-256 encryption technology.

Since 2013, PasswordCaptain has had 19,000 downloads, with an average of 1,800 user sessions a week. These are all organic downloads, with no advertising used. The app has been 99% crash free, with 2 updates to keep the software current with the latest iOS operating systems and to add features like Touch ID.

A technical success that never received additional funding, PasswordCaptain had a low maintenance budget and has at times had a 12% weekly user session ratio (user sessions weekly / current downloads) and a 4.4-star rating.

This makes PasswordCaptain an unknown hero, generally ranked at 40 to 110 for password managers on the Apple App Store.

In late 2017, the client decided to shut down PasswordCaptain as a business, and we saw an opportunity. MobileSandbox is now rewriting the app to support new features, as well as to update it with Swift 5 programming language, new storyboard technology, adaptive text technology, support of new screen sizes, internationalization language support, and both Touch ID and Face ID support for convenient user access.

We are looking for new clients who want to invest in Android, Windows, and OS X versions of PasswordCaptain, as well as a cloud-based backup for the project. For now, it’s a great example app to share with future clients and users worldwide.

Look for the new PasswordCaptain, within the Apple App Store, fall 2018.